About Ben

Ben is the Senior Pastor of Living Spring Fellowship (Assemblies of God) in Singapore. Converted at 16 years old, his supernatural experiences with the Holy Spirit and the revival he witnessed in his own family led him to be passionate for Revival to come upon the bride of Christ in these last days.

He is a fiery preacher who speaks in churches, camps and conferences,  both locally and in the Asia Pacific Region. He is happily married with his wife Lillian  and has a son, William.

Lillian serves alongside Ben as the executive pastor of Living Spring Fellowship. She carries a very strong pastoral anointing and functions as a teacher preacher. She is also pastoring the youth ministry in Living Spring.

"If Lillian does not serve with me in the ministry, I literally feel that I have lost not one but two arms!" -Ben

William is an undergraduate in NTU. He is extremely gifted in the area of music. He love Jesus and serves as a leader in Kingdom Generation and also in the worship ministry.

"We are so proud of him" - Ben and Lillian